Regarding your item referring to apparently spare space within Appletree Court at Lyndhurst.

Why not move all of the New Forest National Park operations to Lyndhurst leaving, the Lymington Town Hall site open for redevelopment?

At Lymington any new build to include a small police station. 

The Town Hall offices can be relocated. This is not me just having a rant.

I have a family connection with Lymington, through the Rookes and Burrards.

The last titled Burrard, is I believe, buried in Lyndhurst.

My great grandmother M.I. Rooke is buried here within the Burley Church grounds, as are my own parents' ashes. I will join them.

How many people within the New Forest are, like me, 100 per cent local? Quite a number. But they are too polite to sound off with their own opinions.

Instead we have been taken over by outsiders who don’t give a fig about the New Forest.