A ‘big cat’ was sighted in a Hampshire village over the weekend.

Charlotte Jackson Coleman was walking her dog in Easton when she spotted the large feline on Sunday.

The 45-year-old Sky Sports presenter turned actress, who lives in the village just outside of Winchester, said she saw it from a distance.

Daily Echo: The 'big cat' spotted in EastonThe 'big cat' spotted in Easton (Image: Charlotte Jackson Coleman)

Charlotte, who starred in Silent Witness, said: “It was quite large.

“The pattern and colour of the coat was not like one I had seen on a cat before.

“As we got closer, I realised how much bigger it was than other cats - and it had no collar.

“I put my dog on the lead straight away. He is a Yorkie-poo and much smaller than the cat.

“It didn’t seem frightened of us, and I got my phone out to take a video as I thought it was really unusual.

“But I think I was a bit slow in doing so as it ran into the bush and then off.”

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Charlotte managed to capture a short video of the grey cat.

It is seen lurking behind a tree off a path, peering at Charlotte and her dog.

It stares at them before running away as she approaches.

Reported sightings of big cats in Hampshire have been rife for several years.

Speculation surrounds them, with some believing they are simply urban myths, while others back their existence.

Many people in the county claim they have seen big cats on the prowl over the years but the existence of big cats is often disputed.