A nursery previously rated ‘inadequate’ has secured a new, improved rating after impressing Ofsted inspectors.

Highfield Nursery School on Brookvale Road is now rated 'good' thanks to a number of improvements since its last inspection on February 7.

At the time, inspectors found that the manager had not ensured all required safeguarding checks were completed.

However, an unannounced visit on March 3 revealed progress was being made.

Having previously rated the nursery 'inadequate' on categories of personal development and leadership and management, Ofsted has now rated all categories as 'good' following an inspection on July 20.

All safeguarding arrangements were reviewed and are now viewed as "effective".

The report highlights that children “thoroughly enjoy” their time in the “homely setting, which prioritises their need to feel safe and secure”.

Staff were praised for being “gentle and kind” and knowing the children well. Children develop strong and secure relationships with their key person, the report says.

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It adds: “Children form secure friendships and relish the time they spend together. For example, children engage in imaginative play.

“They share their ideas with each other when deciding what a character is going to do next. This helps children to develop the skills that they will need to support future relationships.”

The report also says staff support children's communication development well and recognise the importance of creating an environment that promotes speaking and listening skills.

Children are encouraged to verbalise their needs which, according to the report, “helps children to make connections between language and objects, while developing confidence with speaking”.

Staff were also found to work well in partnership with teachers from local schools. This allows children to become familiar with their school and “emotionally” prepares them for their next stage in learning.

However, the report highlights that some children would benefit more from a “more-in-depth plan to ensure that they have a clear understanding of what is happening next”.

A spokesperson for Highfield Nursery School said: “Receiving a secure ‘good’ rating from Ofsted illuminates the vigorous effort the staff rightfully deserved and was hugely appreciated for their collective professional success.

“The last few months have been full on, the staff have consistently gone above and beyond the line of duty and deserve the recognition for their accomplishment, as echoed by the Ofsted inspector.

“We have always appreciated the willingness of the parents to work in partnership with us, their dedication and positive attitude has been a great factor in our success and to offer continuity of care and education to their children has been incredible; we can’t thank our families enough for their support.”