Southampton’s encounter with Middlesbrough, which took place on November 3, 1962, was elevated beyond the realms of fantasy thanks to George Kirby’s performance.

In the lead-up to bonfire night, Southampton’s forward exploded into action with a four-minute hat-trick.

A faster treble had never been scored by Saints and it paved the way for them to a 6-0 win over a stunned Boro team which were riding high in the old second division at the time.

This was beaten In 2015 when Sadio Mane achieved an incredible feat in the English Premier League which will never be forgotten. The Southampton forward scored three goals within a span of just three minutes against Aston Villa, setting a new record for the league.

It had been a difficult start to the 1962/63 season for Saints, as eight games in they found themselves at the bottom of the table. With precious few goals scored, they desperately needed points on the board to keep their campaign alive.

At the club, a young talent by the name of Martin Chivers was making waves as a 17-year-old striker. However, manager Ted Bates wanted someone with more experience to bolster their attack and so he looked towards Plymouth’s Kirby to provide just that. As it turned out, the club quickly benefited from this decision they had made.

Daily Echo: George Kirby, on the ground, after heading him his second goal.

He also brought in David Burnside from West Bromwich Albion. This would prove to be a great move for the team, adding strength and power to an already talented lineup.

Unfortunately, the opening 45 minutes of the match against Middlesbrough was anything but thrilling.

At the break, the score was still 0-0, but Bates had obviously said something to ignite a fire within his team. When they returned to the field, it was as though they had been transformed - their determination palpable.

At the 54 minute mark, Kirby had already scored three goals in a dazzling display of skill.

Not long after, George O’Brien added two more goals to the tally. His energy on the pitch gave him plenty of opportunities to score, and he came close to achieving the second hat-trick of the match.

The remarkable match was concluded with a goal from Terry Paine, the sixth of the day. This comprehensive win saw Southampton Football Club leap up to 16th place in the table.

At the 49th minute, Kirby caused a stir amongst England supporters with his sensational goal-scoring display, eclipsing his counterpart Alan Peacock’s efforts.

Peacock, who went on to form a Middlesbrough bond with Brian Clough later in his career, watched on in admiration as Alan Kirby scored his eighth goal in nine appearances for Southampton.

From his free kick, Williams set off an intense flurry of activity within the penalty area. While O’Brien’s attempt was blocked, Kirby wouldn’t be denied as he pounced on the rebound and found the back of the net.

Daily Echo: Saints in 1962.

Two minutes after his first goal, the prolific attacker notched another. Paine sent in a cross which he powerfully headed home from ten yards out. Completing his hat-trick, two minutes later he nodded in another pass from Paine.

O’Brien had two goals in the match, and they were both thanks to Burnside. Initially, a penalty was awarded when Middlesbrough’s centre-half fisted away a goal-bound shot from Burnside. Then, with a low, firm cross from his left side, Burnside created an opportunity for O’Brien to score again.

The crowd erupted when Paine netted the most incredible goal of the afternoon. He expertly maneuvered around multiple Boro players, staying on his feet despite a hard tackle to send a low shot past goalkeeper Arthur Lightening who was unable to react in time.

Middlesbrough, with three internationals in their side - Peacock, Mick McNeil and Mel Nurse - had been unable to make use of their chances during a lackluster first half. Despite having some of their most notable players on show, they were unable to convert any opportunities into goals.

Middlesbrough’s offensive efforts were not enough to break through the tough Southampton defence, who were out to redeem themselves after a disappointing 5-3 loss at Cardiff during the week.

In stark opposition to the first half, Southampton’s performance in the second was electrifying. Kirby and O’Brien both had dazzling moments that captured the headlines. But Burnside and Sydenham’s work in midfield was also truly remarkable; they easily outclassed Boro with their tenacity and skillfulness, which ultimately led to victory.

Though there was a diminished crowd, cheers of jubilation could be heard from afar when Saints fans witnessed their team score goal after goal in an impressive second half. By goal number six, The Dell was reverberating with elation from its devoted fan base.