My Mum, Your Dad came to an end earlier in the week after a group of middle-aged single parents went on a quest to find love.

The ITV dating show hosted by Davina McCall concluded as the cast’s children gave their blessing to three couples.

But since Thursday’s ending, eager viewers might be wondering if one favourite couple is still together – let’s find out.

Are Roger and Janey from My Mum, Your Dad still together?

Postman Roger entered the My Mum, Your Dad mansion after the death of his wife 18 months ago.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “When Jess (his daughter) told me she had put me through, my mum and sister were worried I wasn’t ready.

“But I thought, ‘at worst I’d have some stories to tell at a party’.

“I’m never going to not talk about the wife. How can I forget? I look at the children and I can see my wife in them. She taught me how to love.

“I never got counselling — I sometimes wonder if I should have — but doing the show has been cathartic, it’s still helping us.”

However, to Roger’s surprise, he soon fell for “bombshell” Janey and fans of the show became invested in their journey, but are they still together?

The answer is yes. Roger and Janey have broken their silence on social media for the first time since My Mum, Your Dad wrapped.

On Instagram, Roger posted a series of selfies from over the summer, with the caption: “It’s been hard to keep it a secret but the wait is finally over -  me and the beautiful @janeybombshell are still going strong and have never been better since leaving My Mum, Your Dad.  We couldn’t be happier together.”

Meanwhile, Janey who is a singer and recruitment manager shared a snap of the couple in bed, adding: "What an amazing journey... Saturday mornings just got a whole lot better."

Janey’s son William also revealed some sweet moments golfing with Roger, as he uploaded a series of images and videos.

He wrote: “The secret has been revealed, Mum and Roger are still going strong. Mum and me are happier than ever. And plus I've now got a new golf partner!

“Here's too the many more years to come!”

Roger’s daughter Jess announced the news too, as she posted a picture of herself with Janey and said: “Welcome to the family Janey. Prewarning, we’re crazy,” along with a kiss face emoji.

When and where was My Mum, Your Dad filmed?

ITV's Your Mum, My Dad was filmed earlier this year at a countryside mansion in West Sussex, Surrey.

It's reportedly worth an impressive £8 million and Davina described it as "the most romantic countryside location."