With the boat show ending last Sunday, what a treat that would have been for the thousands of cruise passengers leaving this coming weekend on one of the 11 cruise ships apparently leaving the docks.

What are they now left with to waste those last few hours before getting on board their ships?

They could visit the Titanic museum, if they could find it, and quickly realise what a complete waste of our council money that was, and what a ridiculous location.

Take a walk through the high street, where I believe that the majority of beggars now accept Euros. Oh and if you need to use the toilet! Well good luck with that.

It doesn't seem to matter which political party runs Southampton City Council, they all seem to have the same negative agenda which is to turn Southampton into the laughing stock of the South Coast, where we have all this history and underdeveloped shoreline, but more traffic lights, roadworks and unused cycle lanes than any other similar sized city.

I hate to say this but visit Portsmouth where their council is forward-thinking, as you only have to visit, say Gunwharf, where even the car park with its red light-occupied, green light-vacant system in the car park, should be made compulsory in every new multi-storey car park.

They've already started taking a few of the cruise companies away from Southampton.

Who's to say that the negative thinking of this and future councils won't drive other companies into considering moving along the coastline where there are far better amenities for their thousands of passengers.

Kevin Turner