He's a local politician turned fantasy novelist. 

Fareham borough councillor Roger Bird is the author of Vote Vampire, the new young adult fantasy novel which has been compared to the celebrated Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. 

The book follows a cast of ordinary teens as they are transported to another dimension to run a chaotic and lawless election campaign.

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Fareham West ward councillor Roger, who lives in Park Gate, is a keen role playing game (RPG) player who has sung on the West End stage. 

Having worked in the technology, healthcare and education sectors and been involved in politics locally, nationally and at the European Parliament, Roger felt he was perfectly placed to write a book. 

He said: "Many years ago on a family visit to Walsingham [a place of pilgrimage in Norfolk] we were all surprised at how many shops there thrived on selling novelty – some might say tacky – merchandise. My novel inverts the concept: Carceron is a city of pilgrimage for those who worship demons, evil and chaos, but still has a booming tourist trade.

"It’s a story about how an election in such a setting would be run, and having served for years as a local councillor and worked in politics full-time for two years, I have had plenty of scope for ideas to incorporate!

"I originally wrote a RPG scenario “Carceron, City of Chaos” in 2008 and have played it with friends. The novel contains material from that adventure and there is still plenty of room for a sequel.”

Daily Echo: Roger Bird is the author of Vote Vampire

Imagine an election in which you’re allowed to do absolutely anything to win.

Far away in another dimension is demon-worshipping tourist city Carceron. The city’s Archmayor has been murdered after 150 years in office. The frontrunner in the election to replace him is the terrifying vampire, Mercedes.

The traders of Carceron desperately need a candidate powerful enough to beat her – and survive. But is Flaxen the old sorcerer up for the challenge?

And how do three teenagers from our world get dragged in as Flaxen’s campaign team?

In a magical city without laws, this will be the dirtiest, most chaotic election ever.

Vote Vampire is published this week by Troubadour Publishing.