Former classmates travelled from far and wide to join a 50th-anniversary school reunion. 

Lifelong friends David Archard and Dave Ardron have spent nearly a year searching the globe and the world wide web to track down the members of Class A from the former Prices School in Fareham from 1973 to 1978 to attend their get-together at Marwell Hotel. 

A total of 14 of the class, plus three teachers and the school historian came from as far afield as Belgium for the event. 

Daily Echo: Members of Class 5A strike an artistic pose

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It had been decades since the last meeting in many cases, but old friendships were rekindled.

David Archard told the Daily Echo: "It was an evening full of glorious memories, great conversation and so much laughter.

"Old friendships were reborn and new ones began. We all had a truly great time.

"Our thanks once again to everyone who helped support and make the reunion such a huge success. Here’s to the next one!"

In total, 24 classmates were tracked down with the help of the internet and school alumni group 'Fareham Society of Old Priceans', some locally, some around the UK and some in such far-flung destinations as Australia, the United States and France. 

Daily Echo: Class 5A in the summer of 1978

The friends are continuing their search for the final six classmates they have not yet been able to locate as future reunions are planned. 

It was in September 1973 that as fresh-faced 11-year-olds most of the group walked nervously up Park Lane, Fareham to Prices School for the first time to start five years of secondary education.

The class are pictured in May or June 1978 as their O Level examinations got underway.

When the all-boys school closed its doors for the final time that very year, the college blossomed for six years until it amalgamated with the new Fareham College in 1984 and the original Prices School site in Park Lane was sold off for housing development.

The school was the legacy of William Price Jnr, a local timber merchant. His initial charitable legacy was to create a charity school to educate and clothe 30 poor children of the parish.