A high street building in Fareham could be transformed into classroom spaces to support young people.

Sportfit Support Services has submitted plans to Fareham Borough Council to change an old office building, 18 High Street, into an education centre for young ages between 11 and 21.

The organisation provides a range of services to young people including bespoke education, supported accommodation and children’s homes.

Planning documents state the centre, if approved, would accommodate 30 students attending separate morning and afternoon sessions.

It said: “Sportfit provides tailored education programmes for young people who are at a point in their lives where a more personalised approach is needed to help them engage and thrive.

“Sportfit works with young people from a huge variety of backgrounds with the aim to provide a safe, caring environment where they are able to flourish and create a life they are proud of.

“As the property will be used in a very similar way to the existing offices, there are no internal or external alterations currently proposed as part of this application, and therefore no other material operations requiring planning permission or listed building consent.”

Sportfit describes their service as “tailored education programmes” for young people who need “a more personalised approach” to help them engage in lessons.

The education model is based on the ‘holistic well-being of the young person’ through the PACE approach, developed by psychologist Dr Dan Hughes.

The PACE approach (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) promotes the idea of a safe learning environment, focusing on ‘positive engagement and feedback’.