A "weird" new crossing in Woolston which has left cyclists confused is set to be looked at again by the council.

Pictures shared online of the new crossing on Radstock Road and Manor Road South have raised eyebrows among residents.

The images show an extended pavement with a bike sign painted on what looks like a designated cycle lane.

However, a pedestrian crossing post and a bench were installed in the middle of the lane, leaving residents puzzled.

Daily Echo: The new crossing new crossing at the junction of Radstock Road and Manor Road South

A member of the Southampton Cycling Campaign told the Echo: “I saw the post on social media, and I thought that doesn’t look right, and that it was a very weird spot to put the light post right next to the bike sign.

“I started seeing reactions and people were getting confused. From that angle the poorly placed sign just looked quite weird and like it wasn’t thought about.”

Daily Echo: The new crossing new crossing at the junction of Radstock Road and Manor Road South

However, it was later revealed that the white line on the floor was the curb of the previous unextended pavement, thus not making it a designated cycle lane but a shared use pavement for both cyclists and pedestrians.

A spokesperson for Southampton City Council said the markings will be amended to make it clear to cyclists that the pavement is for shared use.

However, the bench and the crossing post won't be removed.

They said: “The new parallel pedestrian and cycle crossing provides a safer route to the nearby St Patrick’s Catholic Primary and Ludlow Infant and Junior Schools and is raised to help slow speeds.

“The pavement south-east of the junction has been widened with new seating and greening provided. This area is now a shared-use path, meaning people can use the whole area on foot or by bike.

“The cycle symbol on the pavement was installed alongside the shared-use signage to make it clear cyclists are permitted on this section of former footway, now a shared area which is dissected by the old kerb line. The markings will be amended to make this even clearer.”

The new crossing is part of the council's Active Travel Zone for Woolston and Itchen.

The idea was first suggested in a survey in August 2021 which saw nearly 3,000 contributions from residents and identified Radstock Road as a location that would benefit from improvements.