A groom-to-be who was dressed in a fetish suit and locked up outside Wetherspoons has described his stag do as a 'right laugh'.

Dexter thought he was going to work yesterday morning.

But instead, he was bundled into the back of a van by his groomsmen, dressed up in a fake leather bondage outfit and cable-tied to railings just outside the Fareham watering hole, while the stag party enjoyed a hearty breakfast inside.

Daily Echo:

The 27-year-old from Gosport, who we have referred to by his nickname to spare his modesty, said: "I was a bit shocked at first - but it's a right laugh isn't it?"

"People going past were in good spirits and everyone guessed it was a stag weekend - I was cracking up really. It got a lot of laughs."

The stag party managed to keep the whole weekend a surprise, booking the weekend off for Dexter at work and organising it with his fiancee, who packed an overnight bag for him in advance.

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The festivities began at 6am in the morning, when they rang the doorbell and 'kidnapped' Dexter, as he described it.

"When I heard the door knock, I just knew it was them and I guessed what was going on," he said.

But he had no idea what he was in for when they pulled out the daring disguise, purchased from Amazon.

"We went back to his house and got changed - I thought 'here we go'," Dexter said. "There was a bit of fear, but mainly excitement because I knew it was my stag weekend."

Their next stop was Wetherspoons in Fareham, where Dexter was given four jagerbombs for Dutch courage and cable tied to railings around a tree outside while the 16 groomsmen had a proper breakfast.

He said: "No-one had any bad comments, but I did have a few people asking me if I was okay.

"It wasn't cold either thankfully. I was only there for about 10 minutes, but it felt like a million years."

Thankfully, his friends did let him have some food before they caught a train to Cardiff for the rest of the celebrations - with Dexter still dressed in the unconventional garb.

Daily Echo: He was granted a reprieve when they got changed to do some go-karting and zorb football in the Welsh capital.

But Dexter was back in the PVC for their night out at the Walkabout and Coyote Ugly bars - which, perhaps mercifully, he does not remember much of.

"I forgot what I looked like, to be honest. By this point, I was just rocking with the flow," he said.

Daily Echo:

This morning, he woke up in their hotel room, minus the suit - as his friends had to put him to bed at 8pm.

"I had too many fireballs!", he admitted.

They are now heading back home with an interesting story to tell.

Dexter proposed to his fiancee on Christmas Day last year and joked that they were getting married on January 20th 'if she turns up' after his shenanigans.

The pair have three children together, and paying tribute to his soulmate, he said: "She is the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Dexter's revenge will come soon enough, as two of the other stags are engaged.

"They are so dead," he teased.

But all in all, he had a great time: "It was a brilliant weekend - the lads did well."