A Southampton boy was diagnosed with leukaemia after catching a cold just weeks before his third birthday.

Doctors discovered Jadon Garraway had developed acute lymphoblastic leukaemia - a type of blood cancer that starts from white blood cells in the bone marrow - earlier this year.

The shocking diagnosis came after Jadon and his older brother Theo caught a cold and a chesty infection last November.

While Theo, who is five, recovered from the infection, Jadon did not and his parents Rachel, 32, and Joe, 33, from Bitterne Park, took him to Southampton General Hospital.

Rachel said: “After two rounds of antibiotics it still wouldn’t go away, his dad and I had several trips to A&E and the doctor’s surgery with Jaden suffering from high temperatures and some breathing concerns.

“On January 2, when we took him back again, he was almost grey and very lethargic and the nurse told us she expected the results to be abnormal.

“When she said that, I knew it was something more than a chest infection but never expected them to say he had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.”

When she found out about her son’s condition, Rachel was told that Jadon had a strong chance of survival.

However, the news still came as a shock.

She said: “I didn’t want him to see I was upset but it was really scary as he had to undergo a lot of tests and there was going to be a lot of treatment involved.

“The consultant explained that Jadon had a very strong chance of survival and would come out strong at the end of it which gave me hope.”

The three-year-old had six months of intensive treatment which according to Rachel made him very sick.

However, he has now recovered and has moved into the maintenance phase which is expected to be easier on him. This will continue until he is six years old.

“He is currently full of beans,” his mum said.

Jadon and Rachel are now backing TK Maxx’s Give Up Clothes For Good campaign in support of Cancer Research UK for children and young people.

Rachel said: "It’s thanks to research that Jadon is here today. That’s why raising money for Cancer Research UK for Children & Young People is so vital. 

“Jadon and I will be having a good clear out at home to find clothes and things to donate and we hope our experience will inspire others across Southampton to do the same.

"Their unwanted items really could save lives."

People can donate their clothes by handing them in at Southampton TK Maxx stores in Above Bar Street, Hedge End Retail Park and the Swan Centre in Eastleigh.

When sold in Cancer Research UK shops, each bag of items donated could be worth up to £25.