PLANETS Cancer Charity’s scrap car rally from Hampshire to Scotland is back for its third instalment this weekend.

Following the success of events in 2017 and 2019, Scrap to the Future: Part lll will take place from today (Friday October 6) to Sunday and will see patients, clinicians and supporters get behind the wheels of road legal scrap cars valued at under £500.

Before setting off from Popham Airfield, near Winchester, at midday, they will take part in a series of Top Gear-style challenges. 

Daily Echo: Enjoying the first PLANETS scrap car rally in 2017

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Those undertaking the challenge include University Hospital Southampton (UHS) consultant Alex Mirnezami, professor of surgical oncology, colorectal surgeon and member of the PLANETS clinical team, and a host of colleagues.

The event is being run by PLANETS in collaboration with property developer Regal Homes and aims to raise £30,000, taking the overall rally tally to £100,000.

Over the course of two days, the cars will travel to the Cameron House Hotel at Loch Lomond, facing a variety of challenge along the way. 

Daily Echo: Enjoying the first PLANETS scrap car rally in 2017

The event will conclude with a three-course black tie gala dinner with all vehicles sent to be scrapped the following day and proceeds donated to the PLANETS cause.

Layla Stephen, CEO of PLANETS, said: “This is a uniquely amusing event and there will be plenty of fun, laughter and celebrations along the way.

“The adventure will include a host of trials, challenges and surprises along the way. We can’t wait to get on the journey.”

Daily Echo: Enjoying the first PLANETS scrap car rally in 2017

PLANETS helps patients with pancreatic, liver, abdominal (colorectal) and neuroendocrine cancer by funding patient support groups, innovative treatments and research.

Since 2011 it has raised more than £2 million and delivered achievements including the UK’s first mobile electron beam radiotherapy machine, based in Southampton.

The charity aims to raise another £1.5 million over the next five years for additional support for cancer patients, new techniques to treat the disease and research to help find better ways of targeting and fighting cancer cells.

Daily Echo: The competitors in one of the previous scrap car rallies

It was co-founded in 2011 by recently-retired surgeon Neil Pearce, former associate medical director for patient safety at UHS, alongside patients Layla Stephen, Jo Green and interventional radiologist Dr Brian Stedman.

Spectators are welcome at Popham Airfield this morning where the pre-rally challenges will get underway at 9.30am.