The brand-new production of 42nd Street delivers a standing ovation as it opens in Southampton.

Starring Samantha Womack, Michael Praed, Faye Tozer, and Les Dennis – 42nd Street is a masterpiece in musical theatre – both visually and musically captivating.

Directed by Jonathan Church – who previously spearheaded Singin’ in the Rain on the West End – 42nd Street is at its tap dancing best when it mirrors the former’s Broadway Melody, with dazzling colours that take over the theatre.

Based on the 1932 novel by Bradford Ropes and the Hollywood film that followed a year later, 42nd Street is a backstage musical that follows the rehearsals of ‘Pretty Lady’, during the height of the Great Depression.

Daily Echo: ‘A masterpiece in musical theatre’: 42nd Street at Mayflower Theatre

Michael Praed plays Julian Marsh, a taskmaster theatre director who will stop at nothing to ensure his musical is a hit with the American public – first in Philadelphia before opening cold on Broadway – as demanding stage star Dorothy Brock (Samantha Womack) engineers the lead role.

Former Strictly Come Dancing contestants Faye Tozer and Les Dennis – the latter of which took to the ballroom last weekend before exiting the competition – provide entertaining comic relief as they juggle the various competing personalities of Broadway.

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Daily Echo: ‘A masterpiece in musical theatre’: 42nd Street at Mayflower Theatre

Though their talents aren’t just limited to laughs as they deliver several musical numbers – proving to be the unlikely double act you didn’t know you needed.

For all the show’s star power – of which there is plenty – it’s Nicole-Lily Baisden who shines brightest of all.

Her exuberant portrayal of Peggy Sawyer gives the audience a character to root for as Sawyer works her way from a chorus girl to the lead role in ‘Pretty Lady’, winning the hearts of all around her.

Daily Echo: 42nd Street the Musical

For all of 42nd Street’s toe tapping songs, star names, and group dance sequences, its little authentic touches live long in the memory.

The show opens with a projection onto the stage curtain, showcasing 1930’s Broadway.

It’s a strangely powerful effect that makes you settle into the performance, whisking you away into the period setting.

42nd Street is an unmissable night out for all ages, as opening night proved in a packed-out Mayflower Theatre.

The show runs until Saturday, October 8.