There is one fruit that stands out from all others with its impressive size and diversity of uses - the pumpkin. Not only are they ideal for cooking, but their remarkable growth is often something to be admired.

Sunnyfields Farm will be opening its gates today to display thousands of pumpkins and to provide people with the opportunity to pick their own. The event, Pumpkin Time, will include various zones, jaw-dropping arrangements and incredible photo opportunities.

The celebration of the autumn harvest is said to date back to the ancient Celts.

Daily Echo: Pumpkin compeitition at Bear and Ragged Staff - October 1979.

According to some sources, the Celts believed that spirits and ghosts walked the earth during the harvest season, so they would carve ghoulish faces into turnips and place them around their homes and gardens to ward off evil spirits.

It is believed that this tradition was eventually brought to America and adapted by carving pumpkins instead of turnips.

Daily Echo: Pumpkins were on sale at Ken McCarthy's roadside stall near Shedfield. October 7, 1976.

Pumpkins have since become a traditional staple of Halloween decorating.

They are often carved into jack-o'-lanterns and then lit with a candle to add a special touch to costumes and tablescapes.

These pictures show the humble pumpkin being used for a variety of different reasons including competitions, lanterns and for eating.