A Southampton grandmother suffered an ‘unsurvivable’ brain injury after a fall, an inquest was told.

Jane Skeet was at home when she collapsed in her bathroom.

A neighbour heard Mrs Skeet, of Manor Road North, screaming and an ambulance was called, Winchester Coroner’s Court heard.

Daily Echo:

The 65-year-old was on the floor of her bathroom for an hour and a half before the ambulance arrived on November 17 last year.

She was taken to the hospital and they identified she had a fractured hip, which they operated on - but she quickly deteriorated.

Alistair Phillips, consultant trauma and upper limb surgeon at University Hospital Southampton, said Mrs Skeet was in ‘considerable pain’.

She underwent the operation on November 20 and the fracture was fixed, but she later had to be admitted to intensive care.

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In a written statement submitted to the inquest, Mr Phillips said: “Mrs Skeet was found to have low blood pressure and was admitted to intensive care.

“After her blood pressure dropped, she had an urgent brain CT scan.

“The cause of the deterioration was uncertain.”

The inquest heard that Mrs Skeet was also suffering from a urinary tract infection (UTI) during her time in hospital.

This is believed to have caused septic shock which led to organ failure.

Senior coroner Christopher Wilkinson said: “Mrs Skeet suffered a significant bout of sepsis that rendered her unconscious.

“Low blood pressure coinciding with cardiac failure seems to be the reason why she suffered a brain injury.

“She suffered a catastrophic neurological injury, the cause of which is unclear but is likely multifactorial.”

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Mrs Skeet suffered from type two diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and hypertension.

Mr Wilkinson added: “There was too much for her body to react to after the surgery as there was a lot happening in the first place.

“Despite the efforts of the hospital team, she could not be recovered from organ failure.”

Mrs Skeet medical cause of death was recorded as: Central Pontine Myelinosis, Urosepsis with multiple organ failure, and fractured neck of femur.

Mr Wilkinson recorded a conclusion of accidental death and expressed his condolences to Mrs Skeet’s family.

He said: “My conclusion is accidental death in relation to the sequence of events that happened and the ability of Jane Skeet to recover from her injury.

“I appreciate the significant loss Mrs Skeet has been to the family.”