A new production of beloved play The Full Monty, starring Eastenders favourite Danny Hatchard, X Factor and I'm A Celebrity's Jake Quickenden and Bill Ward of Emmerdale and Coronation Street fame, is coming to Southampton next month. 

Gaz and his mates are down on their luck and feel they have been thrown on the scrap heap, but they are determined to fight back and bare a little more than they ever thought they would have to.

As in the 1997 smash hit film, this brand-new production is a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, laughs and heartbreak. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the film and the new Disney+ spin-off series, it comes to Mayflower Theatre from November 7 to 11.

Daily Echo: A scene from The Full Monty

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Danny Hatchard, best known for playing Lee Carter in Albert Square, told the Daily Echo: "Is there a more iconic working-class comedy than The Full Monty? I’d argue not. Especially one that covers so many incredibly important topics that are still very relevant today… Fathers’ rights, depression, suicide, impotence, homosexuality, unemployment, body image. Tackling important subjects like these whilst adding a sprinkle of nostalgia and a dash of humour takes the audience on a 2-hour emotional rollercoaster filled with tears and belly laughter. This show is not only a cocktail of excellence, but also hugely relatable to both men and women."

Daily Echo: A scene from The Full Monty

Reality TV and musical theatre star Jake Quickenden added: "It’s a story for everyone and it has everything – love, humour, sensitive subjects, the lot. So many people can relate to the characters, they draw on relationships that affect everyone, ex-wife, ex-wife’s new husband, kid that lives with mum, lads, being skint, the list goes on and on. It means that’s everyone who watches it can feel like its speaking to them, and then of course, there is the brilliant humour, the dancing and everything that goes with it!"

Soap star Bill Ward said: "At its core it revolves around a number of universal, timeless themes: male brotherhood, love, overcoming loss and adversity, and ingenious solutions to universal recognisable problems. This is essentially about six men who’ve lost not only their jobs, but their sense of identity and their dignity. And what they’re prepared to do to get them back."

Daily Echo: A scene from The Full Monty

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