The principal of a school which saw reports of a 'gunman' allegedly firing shots near the grounds has described the incident as 'unprecedented'.

Police are currently trying to track down the man, following reports of gunshots being heard at around 1.30pm today in Middle Road, near Oasis Academy Sholing.

You can read our live coverage of the incident here.

In the wake of the incident, principal of Oasis Academy Sholing, Martin Brown, said their safeguarding procedures 'quickly kicked in' and the school worked closely with police to make sure all staff and students were safe.

Daily Echo: Police cordon in Sholing.Police cordon in Sholing. (Image: Jose Ramos)

Mr Brown was seen at the cordon speaking to police during the afternoon.

This comes as local residents praised the school for its 'excellent' response, with the school escorting some children home.

Here is his statement in full:

"This afternoon, there was a serious incident close to our academy.

"As soon as we became aware, our safeguarding procedures quickly kicked in.

"We worked closely with the police and all students and staff were quickly made safe and secure.

"I am proud of the swift actions of school staff, the calmness and maturity of our students, and I am grateful to our parents for their understanding and support.

"Incidents like these are unprecedented, but we appreciate that they can be concerning, which is why we have already provided support to students and will continue to offer it to any others who may want or need it."