A dinosaur-themed grill restaurant in Whitely Shopping Centre is looking for a buyer.

Blacks Business Brokers, the operator of the Jurassic Grill chain of restaurants, wants £1.3 million for four restaurants.

The biggest of the four restaurants in the Jurassic Grill chain is at Whitely Shopping Centre and was opened in 2022.

The business was founded in 2019 by Jozef Mordawska and Natalie Matts with a single site in the East Midlands.

The current owners of the chain wish to exit from the business due to a change in personal circumstances.

Associate director at Blacks Business Brokers, Callum Pollard, said: “Over a period of just four years our clients have built a really significant business. It has a unique theme, great locations, and superb reviews online.

“The Jurassic Grill brand is just getting started and has already sparked interest that could lead to international expansion, so there is amazing potential here for a new owner, whether that be an existing hospitality group, an entrepreneur or an investor, to take these foundations and build the next big thing in casual dining.

On a day-to-day basis the staff and managers are delivering an offering that is proving incredibly popular, so the opportunity here really is massive.”

The other three are located in Kettering and Rushden Lakes in Northamptonshire, and Loch Lomond in the Scottish Highlands.

All four restaurants are decorated in a prehistoric style, and menus are dinosaur-themed. All of the restaurants include their own administration offices, dining areas and fully equipped commercial kitchens.

The Whiteley restaurant can seat 214 diners, in both indoor and outdoor areas.

The four premises incur combined annual rent of £360,000 and employs a total of 67 staff plus a further nine managers.

In its most recent financial year the chain had a turnover of £1.59 million, achieving gross profit of £1.05 million. Projected turnover for 2023 is £3.2 million.