A motorist has been banned from driving after he was caught speeding at more than 100mph twice in just five months.

Leon Tatavossian, 35, was first caught speeding on the M27 while travelling westbound between junctions eight and seven near Hedge End.

The Renault driver was clocked at 108mph by an automatic camera on November 13, 2022. 

But just five months later he was caught speeding again when he was clocked at 103mph on the M3. 

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He was travelling in a BMW on this occasion when he was caught by manned equipment near Winchester.

Appearing at Southampton Magistrates' Court Tatavossian of Old Dairy Close, Totton, admitted two counts of speeding. 

He received six points on his licence and was banned from driving for six months. 

The 35-year-old must pay a fine of £496 and court costs of £110. 

This must be paid in full by October 26, 2023.