A world buffet in Southampton city centre has shut suddenly.

A notice of possession was put up in the window of JRC Global Buffet in the Marlands Shopping Centre in Civic Road yesterday.

The notice, from Marlands Opco Limited - the owner of the building - says that they re-entered the retail unit and made it secure, terminating any rights of occupation.

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"Any attempt to enter the premises without the owner's authority may be a criminal offence and result in prosecution", it said.

A sign from JRC Southampton indicates that any parcels should be sent to the shopping centre's management office.

Inside the buffet, the furniture appears undisturbed, with a sign asking customers to wait there to be seated still in place.

Daily Echo: Boyu Tang, 19, turned up to find the restaurant was closedNews of the closure has shocked some of its most loyal patrons.

Boyu Tang, 19, turned up this afternoon only to find he would not be sampling the delights of the buffet.

He said: "I came here only last week and now I can't believe it's closed. I really wanted some food!

"I'm an international student and it can be quite expensive to eat out but for £20 you get access to lots of different types of food.

"It's a bit like Cosmo but it's quieter and not as expensive. When I came here last week there was maybe someone on every three tables.

"The food was okay but I liked it."

The cuisines on offer certainly do span the globe - from French seafood and patisserie to Italian pizza and pasta, Spanish tapas, Greek and Middle Eastern fayre, Brazilian BBQ, Japanese sushi and curries and noodles from Thailand, China and India.

JRC Global Buffet has been approached for comment.