For those who believed in the supernatural, 2003 brought a plethora of spooky celebrations from the county of Hampshire.

Colden Common was the scene of an unexpected spectacle when a headless horseman, accompanied by a myriad of witches, wizards and skeletons, paraded down the street at a snail's pace.

Organized by 14-year-old Victoria Homden, Hampshire Riding Therapy Centre's grizzly parade was a fun way for them to raise funds while embracing ghostly goings-on.

Back in Southampton, city volunteers staged a hair-raising Halloween party with more than 50 ghoulish guests turning up to the Polygon’s Sembal House resource centre for the disabled. 

Daily Echo: Hampshire Riding therapy Centre get into the Halloween spirit in 2003.

The fancy dress crowd was treated to music, food, dancing and face-painting, as well as a raffle and lucky dip. 

Those were just two of the myriad events which took place that year.