A TOTTON restaurant owner has urged customers to support his business after a driver ploughed into the wall of his eatery.

The incident on Sunday night left a gaping hole in the frontage of Achari Lounge in Rumbridge Street.

Since then, owner Bahar Mozumder said their business also taken a hit - but they are ready to serve customers.

The 48-year-old said: "“It has been a big blow to the business but we need people to know that we are still serving delicious Indian food.”

Yaw Akuoko-Fremtong, 69, was driving along Rumbridge Street when he lost control of his car.

The crash caused rubble and bricks to be left scattered on the floor by the restaurant bar.

Bahar was behind the bar when the crash happened.

Daily Echo: The damage by the bar inside Achari Lounge The damage by the bar inside Achari Lounge (Image: Achari Lounge)He said: “We were getting the place ready for our customers just before 6pm on Sunday night.

“I was behind the bar when I looked out of the window and saw a car travelling towards the building at a high speed.

“I quickly realised the car was not going to stop and before I could even think about what was going to happen, bricks were flying across the restaurant.

“It all happed very fast and I though the bar was going to be hit by the car so I ran inside the restaurant to save myself."

Daily Echo: Emergency crews outside Achari Lounge Emergency crews outside Achari Lounge (Image: Achari Lounge)The restaurant opened for business in August and has gone down well with locals, garnering a 4.2 star rating on Google Reviews.

Bahar said: “It will take time for the building to be back to where it was before the crash, but we have boarded up the damage with wood and are taking customers.

“People think we are closed due to the incident, but the venue is safe and secure for customers to come and enjoy are spicy cuisine. Our quality service and food has not been affected by the crash.

“I’m so glad that the driver nor anybody inside the restaurant was hurt.”

Achari Lounge serves a range of Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine and food is available for takeaway or in-restaurant dining.