Bubble tea has taken the world – and Southampton – by storm.

Several bubble tea shops have been popping up across the city in recent years as popularity soars.

A Taiwanese recipe, the well-loved drink is made by blending tea with milk, fruit, or fruit juices, before adding tapioca pearls.

Here are three places to get your bubble tea fix in Southampton.

Ding Tea Southampton - Hanover Buildings

From fruit milk tea to fresh tea and cold milk tea, there are a variety of flavours available.

One reviewer wrote: "The customer service is great; the food is good and the place is well decorated."

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Bubble Drop - Westquay

Located outside Westquay near Waterstones and recently opened in Eastleigh, this business offers a mix of drinks at affordable prices.

Owner Alex Snook said: “We are not millionaires, we are not making much money, but we keep the prices as low as we can as our customers are mainly children and families.”

Chatime Southampton - High Street

There are an array of flavours and types of tea available at this city centre bubble tea shop.

Honeydew Melon Milk Tea and Chatime Milk tea are two popular choices, along with Winter Melon Milk Tea.

Fruit tea, frappes and fresh teas are also available.