A Hedge End resident has told of his fury after being woken up by a buzzing drone circling the area late at night.

Security worker Alan Guthrie, 71, said he was woken up by a loud buzzing sound at 11pm on Sunday at his home in the Grange Park area of Hedge End where he has lived with his partner for 21 years.

At first he thought it was an air ambulance transporting a patient to hospital but quickly realised there was no helicopter in sight.

Alan said: “My partner turned to me and said – 'was it a plane?' – that’s how loud it was.

Daily Echo: Alan Guthrie has lived in Hedge End for 21 yearsAlan Guthrie has lived in Hedge End for 21 years (Image: Alan Guthrie)“I walked outside my door to see the drone flying up and then down really close to the properties on our street – it felt like an invasion of our privacy.

“The dogs were all anxious and barking and we have a lot of elderly residents that were woken up and disrupted by the noises from the drone.

“I could understand if this person was flying their drone around the area in the daytime – we have lovely countryside and scenery but to do this to residents late on a Sunday night is just inconsiderate.”

The noise could be heard from the Grange Park area between 11pm to 12.45am.

Mr Guthrie added: “The use of a drone is a little concerning as they can be used for crime. It did feel intrusive with a drone looking into cars and through windows.

“We live in a really lovely and safe area – People often leave their doors unlocked and look out for each other in this street so it’s disheartening when someone has no regard for other people like this.

“We need this to stop – we have a larger group of elderly residents here who need their sleep, in order to stay fit and healthy.

“I would ask whoever is doing it to consider the implications of their actions on residents.”