From ghosts of murdered lovers to disappearing shipwrecks - The Daily Echo have published enough spine-tingling stories to make your blood curdle.

Here we look at a roundup of those terrifying tales:

Physician brought woman back from dead

It was said that he once brought a woman back from the dead after she had been executed by hanging. 

Daily Echo: The Romsey home of Dr William Petty.

Born in 1623 to a Romsey clothier, William Petty was a remarkable physician and his accomplishments were nothing less than remarkable - including the time he brought a woman from the dead.

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Terrifying tale of Testwood House

Nestled on the edge of the New Forest, the sinister past of Testwood House echoes within its walls.

It is said that several mysterious spectres and ghostly apparitions were witnessed around the house.

Daily Echo: Testwood House.

During its time, Testwood House had more than its fair share of paranormal activity, thought to be the result of a tragic event that occurred in the late 18th century.

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Strange happenings searching for missing sub

During the search for a missing submarine, many strange things happened - including the sighting of a ghostly apparition.

Daily Echo: HMS Affray

As HMS Affray slipped away from her Gosport berth on April 16, 1951, little did anyone know that this sleek grey submarine would never return home. Sadly, neither she nor any of her crew were ever seen again.

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Is South Western House Southampton's most haunted building?

It may not be the oldest building in Southampton but its past is littered with tragedy and death, perhaps culminating in the numerous sightings of ghostly apparitions through the years.

In 1929, a couple named Mr. and Mrs. Dawson checked into the hotel. During the night, Mr Dawson shot and killed his wife and then himself. 

Daily Echo:

The room was closed off for a long time after, but some guests reported hearing strange noises and seeing apparitions in the hallway outside.

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Is the New Forest the most haunted place in the country?

Few locations across the country could be considered as or more haunted than the New Forest.

Daily Echo: Ghost montage.

From a séance held by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the murder of a slain lover - the New Forest is a hotbed of paranormal activity.

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