Residents have told of their anger at roadworks popping up around without warning.

Scottish and Southern Electric Networks is working in Carpathia Drive - but people living nearby say the roadworks appeared on the street without warning at the beginning of October.

The roadworks - due to last until Thursday - have meant residents are unable to access their garages.

Anna Janusz, 32, has been living in Clench Street with her family since August.

Daily Echo: The road works on Clench Street appeared early in October with no warning to residentsThe road works on Clench Street appeared early in October with no warning to residents (Image: Anna Janusz)She said: “It has been extremely stressful for my family because we were not informed about the planned works on the street at any point.

“Just imagine you need to go to work and drive your car out of your garage, but you cannot do it because there is a huge hole in front of it.

“What is worse is that the company has dug a huge hole, then stopped working for few days.

“We are so disappointed that the works were planned probably a long time ago, but no one has thought about residents and how the works would affect their everyday lives.

“I pay a high rent for my flat with a garage, but I am not able to park my car there due to the road works - now I am also at risk of getting a Penalty Charge Notice from the Council just for parking in my own road. It is disgraceful.”

A social club also had a weekend of gigs and Halloween events affected after SSEN roadworks blocked its car park.

Chandler's Ford Central Club in Winchester Road was expecting more than 700 guests through its doors over Friday, Saturday and Sunday but had to warn members that the car park was no longer accessible from the main entrance.

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President of Chandler's Ford Central Club, Mark Treacy, 61, said: “Tuesday (October 24) morning these roadworks appeared with absolutely no warning to local businesses or the public.

Daily Echo: The road works outside of The Chandlers Ford Central ClubThe road works outside of The Chandlers Ford Central Club (Image: Mike Treacy)“Our weekend events took a real hit as a result of the road works and many members agreed that the local disruption and heavy traffic has been terrible due to these road works.

“The main issue here is a lack of communication with residents and local business.

"We could have been well prepared if SSEN had carried out adequate communication with the local community.”

SSEN has been contacted for comment by the Echo.