A drug dealer gave a thumbs up as he walked out of court after telling the judge his ADHD medication means he can’t have sex.

Christopher Lambert, 32, repeatedly shouted out during his sentencing hearing after 63 grams of cannabis was seized at his home.

Keely Harvey, mitigating, told Southampton Crown Court that he is awaiting new ADHD medication and that if he does shout out it is not “meant as a discourtesy to the court”.

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She added that the current drugs he is on "zombified him".

But during the hearing, Lambert, of High Street, Totton, told the judge that the medication means that he can’t have sex and that his trainers have “got holes in them” when it was suggested he profited from his drug dealing.

Lambert had previously pleaded guilty to possessing with intent to supply a controlled drug of Class B after police raided his home.

The court was told how police seized two mobile phones: an iPhone and a Nokia, which were believed to have been used for advertising drugs.

As well as these and the cannabis, cash, scales and small, resealable plastic bags were confiscated.

Lambert pleaded with Judge Brian Forster KC to give him back his iPhone as it had sentimental photos of his partner’s grandfather who passed away.

Daily Echo: Southampton Crown CourtSouthampton Crown Court When prosecutor Tom Evans said there was an offence of drunk and disorderly behaviour shortly after the drugs warrant, Lambert retorted that he doesn’t drink anymore.

Mitigating, Keely Harvey added that her client has moved away from using cocaine and has significantly reduced his cannabis intake.

She said: "His partner has been helping him try to organise a very chaotic life. He will do whatever he can if he is given some help.”

She added that he has taken up gardening which he is “loving”.

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Judge Forster handed him a four-month sentence, suspended for 12 months, and an order was made for forfeiture and destruction of the seized items, apart from the iPhone which will be returned.

The sentence comes after he was previously “given a chance” by Judge Peter Henry to reduce his offending after the incident on July 15, 2022.

The suspended sentence will run alongside another sentence that he was previously given.

Judge Forster said: “You were dealing in drugs. You should not have been. The law is clear.

“Usually you would be going straight to prison.

“Judge Henry gave you a chance. You seem to be keeping your part of the bargain keeping out of trouble. Please keep going. I hope you get some help.”

Lambert gave a double thumbs up as he walked out of court shortly afterwards.