PLANNERS have granted outline permission to demolish a barn and build a house in Sherfield English.

The application, in Bunny Lane, was permitted by Test Valley Borough Council's southern area planning committee. 

Despite it being development in the countryside, the meeting, on Tuesday October 17, heard the barn had a fall-back position with prior approval to change the use of the barn into a house. 

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Sherfield English Parish Council objected. A comment on Test Valley Borough Council's planning portal said: "Sherfield English parish council has considered the above application and object to the proposal considering it to be an overdevelopment of the site. They wish to comment also that the plans submitted are very poor."

Daily Echo: Southern area planning committee

In the officer's report, it said: “The proposed development is a departure from the Test Valley Borough Revised Local Plan (2016) in that it is contrary to policy COM2. However, the conversion of the building on the site has prior approval and is clearly more than a theoretical prospect. 

“The likely residential use of the site is a significant factor in determining this application and weighs significantly in favour of granting permission. Considering this, coupled with the proposals not resulting in any adverse impacts on the character and appearance of the surrounding area, amenity, highways or ecology, permission is recommended subject to conditions, contrary to the provisions of the Development Plan.”

Cllr John Parker said: “This will make it a much tidier site.”

The committee unanimously approved the application.