Last week a 15-year-old boy was put in isolation for a full day and told to chop off his mullet because the hairdo was "too extreme", according to his mother.

St Aidan's Catholic Academy, in Sunderland, gave the teenage boy a week to chop it off after separating him from his classmates and keeping him in isolation for an entire day.

This is not the first case of a UK school banning a particular haircut popular among students. Far from it.

Do you recall a haircut getting banned back in your day? Well, we're here to remind you.

Banned hairstyles in British schools:

Long hair for boys

Before he was Ziggy Stardust or David Bowie, then 17-year-old Davy Jones set up the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-Haired Men.

He and other boys - with hair longer than nine inches - campaigned for people to treat long-haired men seriously, and treat them with respect.

In 2006, 14-year-old Christian Bridge from Liverpool was prepared to get excluded from school for refusing to cut his hair. "There's no way a girl would be told to keep her hair to collar length," he said.

The JoJo bow

JoJo bows - large bows named after a teenage YouTube star - began being banned in some primary schools in 2017.

Children wanting to emulate their internet idol, Jojo Siwa, will have to wear extravagant bows in their own time in Nottinghamshire and Greater Manchester after schools there banned them.

David Beckham

Although several of Goldenballs' haircuts could (should) have made the list, it is his vintage mohawk one from 2001. 

The haircut was banned at schools across the country and still continues to cause controversy. In 2012, a four-year-old boy in Coventry was banned from primary school because of his mini-mohawk.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, his mother Hannah Ball said: "Because he's autistic, it's difficult to find anything that will make him happy. His hair makes him happy. Why should it be taken away?"

Another of his that will prove controversial today is when he opted for cornrows.

Dyed hair

Want to look like Billie Eilish or someone similar? Bad luck. In 2017 the Sun reported that a schoolgirl from a secondary school in Worcester wore a bandana to hide her recently dyed purple hair after she was told the colour breached their uniform policy.

If you're in school and planning on turning your bob jet blue over the weekend, it might be best to consult your head of year first.

Shaved heads for girls

Niamh Baldwin shaved her head and donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for ill children suffering from hair loss.

But in doing so the 14-year-old incurred the wrath of her school in Penzance, Cornwall.

As a result of her extreme haircut for a good cause, she was put into isolation at her school, which described it as "confusing and upsetting" to students.

The Peaky Blinders

Another example of shaving your head, but more specifically this time rather than all over. The Shelby family are known for their flat caps, top buttons, and their distinctive haircut.

The haircut - notably in the 5th season - is practically shaved to the skin and for that matter frowned upon in schools. 

In 2016 an eight-year-old boy was forced to stay at home for a week to allow his haircut to grow out.

Cillian Murphy, who plays the lead gangster, Thomas Shelby, does not understand why people love the cut so much. Speaking to Shortlist Magazine, he said: "Do they realise it was styled this way to prevent lice?"


Any football fan knows it and shudders at the thought.

The "real" Ronaldo sported an extremely untraditional cut at the men's 2002 FIFA World Cup. Despite looking...ridiculous, he led his country to a record fifth win.

Barber Sean Griffin said the style was banned at his secondary school: "To be honest that cut looked ridiculous," he said. He described it as a "Johnny Bravo gone wrong".