A public meeting is taking place to give residents the chance to voice their concerns about the impact of Ageas Bowl events on the community.

The meeting comes after the iconic venue brought hundreds of Arctic Monkeys fans in as the band performed at a stop on their tour in June.

The meeting will go ahead on November 9 and run from 7pm to 9pm at the Hampshire Suite inside the Ageas Bowl.

The consultation will give residents of West End and the surrounding areas the chance to voice their concerns and tell of past experiences from Ageas Bowl events.

A liaison panel to discuss the impact of Ageas Bowl events on residents was last held by Hampshire County Council in 2019 but stopped due to the impact of the pandemic.

West End South ward councillor Barry Du-Crow said: “This is a great opportunity for residents of West End, Hedge End and the surrounding areas to feedback on the troubles they have experienced due to Ageas Bowl events.

“Parking issue for residents due to the increased number of visitors in the area has been cited as a common problem.

“The increased congestion has also been a common problem.

“Also, particular events such as the Artic Monkeys concert have caused significant problems in the past.

"Residents have told of being awakened to drunken people urinating in their gardens.

“This will be an open discussion for residents to say their piece and be listened to by Ageas Bowl staff and representatives of the council.”

Residents will be joined by the Ageas Bowl operations manager and Ageas Bowl staff.

Also in attendance will be representatives of Hampshire police and Hampshire County Council Traffic enforcement.

Cllr Du-Crow added: “The Ageas Bowl bring a lot of jobs to the local area and the events are always great at bringing entertainment to the community.

“We are working to keep the sporting fans and local people happy and I’m very confident this can be achieved.”