Expect to laugh out loud and maybe even shed a tear as a group of down on their luck mates bare all in The Full Monty, the hilarious show full of heart which has returned to the Mayflower stage. 

There was a raucous atmosphere as a gang of TV favourites brought this tale of ordinary folk meeting hardship head on to life. The biggest whoop was reserved for Jake Quickenden, but I can't decide whether that was for his reality TV prowess or his impressive abs.

They had the audience crying tears of laughter, with the occasional sob thrown in, as they recreated the 1997 Oscar-winning, smash-hit comedy film on stage. 

Daily Echo: Jake Quickenden, Ben Onwukwe, Neil Hurst, Danny Hatchard, Bill Ward and Nicholas Prasad star in The

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For the uninitiated few, The Full Monty centres around a group of Sheffield steelworkers who find themselves out of work as unemployment soars in Thatcher's Britain. 

Gaz (played with just the right touch of humour and sensitivity by Danny Hatchard) is so desperate to retain access to his beloved son that he dreams up his own Yorkshire version of The Chippendales to generate some cash. 

His long-suffering best pal Dave (a great turn by Neil Hurst) is recruited, alongside some other motley crew members, most notably Bill Ward who is delightful as stuck up Gerald and Ben Onwukwe who has all the moves as Horse. 

Daily Echo: A scene from The Full Monty

Fans of the brilliant film will find lots to love here with all the best moments recreated. Think fighting gnomes, toe tapping in the dole queue, wrapping yourself in cling film while eating a Mars bar, and being caught in your pants by the police then watching your antics back on video tape. That's  not to mention the brilliant finale where our heroes dare to bare all to the sounds of Hot Chocolate. 

There's something for everyone in this story, which is every bit as relevant today as it's ever been. There's financial issues, family estrangement, weight problems, erectile dysfunction, and relationships of every conceivable shape and size, all told with real care in this hysterical yet heart-warming show. 

The Full Monty runs until Saturday (November 11). Tickets from mayflower.org.uk or 023 8071 1811.