Southampton MPs have reacted to proposals outlined in today's King's Speech. 

The speech set out 21 laws that ministers intend to pass in the next year-long session of Parliament.

Around a third of the laws have been carried over from the previous session or previously published in some form.

It was the first speech of a King in 70 years and Charles' first as monarch.

The package of 20 Bills and a draft includes proposals to:

  • Subject streaming giants to a new video-on-demand code drafted and enforced by Ofcom that will apply similar standards to those enforced on television
  • Ban the creation of new leasehold houses in England and Wales to improve fairness in the housing market
  • End no-fault evictions – but not until a new court process and stronger possession grounds for landlords are in place
  • Pave the way for the introduction of self-driving cars and buses on UK roads by putting in place a legal framework centred on safety and user protection
  • Permanently ban the live export of livestock for slaughter and fattening after a previous bid to impose a prohibition failed
  • Crack down on the “scourge” of unlicensed pedicab operators in London

Royston Smith, Conservative MP for Southampton Itchen said he was “honoured” to attend the event.

Daily Echo: MP for Southampton Itchen, Royston SmithMP for Southampton Itchen, Royston Smith

He said: “My constituents want to see realistic and helpful policies and legislation that addresses the challenges the UK faces and that helps hard-working people and families in Southampton.

“Proposals for welfare reform, job creation, energy security, and implementing laws to secure our borders will be particularly welcome to many.

“Legislation to protect leaseholders will improve the housing market and benefit renters, landlords and prospective homeowners.

“Promoting and investing in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technologies such as driverless cars shows the Government’s long-term ambitions with emerging businesses.

“I am pleased that the Government will strengthen the police, our national security framework, and Armed Forces to keep our people safe at home and abroad.”

Daily Echo: MP for Gosport, Caroline DinenageMP for Gosport, Caroline Dinenage

MP for Gosport, Caroline Dinenage, said the speech reflects the priorities of her constituents.

She said: “The speech includes measures to bolster the economy, promote growth, bring down inflation, improve national security and our health care.

“From commitments to phase out smoking, introduce a new educational standard, leasehold reforms and tougher sentencing, I am sure that these long-term visions will ensure a more prosperous United Kingdom.”

However, Labour MP for Southampton Test Dr Alan Whitehead said the speech showed a "complete lack of substance" from the Prime Minister and offered nothing more than "sticking plasters... that rely on putting up taxes on working people who have surely paid enough for the failures of this Conservative government". 

The Shadow Minister for Energy Security added: "All that the Conservatives can offer is more of the same from the last 13 years. It's clear our country needs change at the next election and a renewal that only the Labour Party can offer. 

"I was particularly frustrated by the announcements surrounding the oil and gas bill which everyone knows is a political gimmick which won't save a penny on people's bills."

Liz Jarvis, Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate for Eastleigh said she was "shocked" there was no mention of the sewage crisis after new analysis of Company House records revealed the country’s water industry paid out £10 million in executive salaries last year, the highest on record. 

She said: "This country’s water industry has become a gravy train where sewage and money flows freely. This is a scandal and happening on this government’s watch. 

"When will Conservative Ministers finally get tough on these polluting and profiteering firms?"