A HAMPSHIRE school has applied to install an air source heat pump.

The Romsey School, in Greatbridge Road, submitted the application for the pump, which delivers heat at lower temperatures than gas or oil boilers. 

The school recently had schemes permitted by Test Valley Borough Council for a new car park and an extension to one of its buildings.

By Thursday, November 2, one neutral comment had been submitted. 

Karen McHugh, of Priestlands, said: “I am pleased to see that there are noise targets set and I am broadly happy with the day-time target.

"I am not clear however if these so called "indicative levels" are a maximum target that must not be exceeded? Can I be re-assured that once planning permission is given that these targets are a condition?

“The night time target of 30 Decibels at my property does seem a little high given that current background noise is only 23.

"I would be interested to know if it is likely that the heat pump will be cycling constantly, through the night, at weekends and during holidays? If it cycles throughout the night in summer it would be noticeable to me.

“Please could I suggest any of the following: The night time target at my property is reduced to 23 db (this would mean the heat pump sound pressure level would need to be 65db).

"I note that one of the brands (Ecoden) of heat pump presented is that quiet and the other (CIAT) is much louder - I would hope that you would choose the quieter model."

Romsey Town Council's planning committee discussed the application at its meeting on Thursday, October 26.

They decided against submitting an objection. Cllr Russell Theron said: “We're going to see more and more applications for heat pumps coming through.

"It's good the school is installing one. I support it.”

The application's planning statement said: “Overall, we feel the proposal is in line with NPPF, Hampshire’s planning policies and Adopted Local Plans including Test Valley Borough Council Adopted Local Plan 2011-2029.

"We believe this proposal mitigates and adapt to climate change and has minimal impact on external elevations of the site.”

For more details about the plans online, search 23/02322/FULLS on Test Valley Borough Council's planning portal.