A pony was injured in the latest in a series of hit-and-run incidents in the New Forest.

The brown filly was involved in a collision with a vehicle on the C10 road at Goatspen at 6.45pm on November 5.

Hit-and-runs in the Forest normally result in the injured animal having to be humanely destroyed.

Anyone who supplies information leading to the conviction of a driver who fails to report an animal accident is eligible for a reward of up to £5,000 from the New Forest Verderers.

The Goatspen incident is one of three animal collisions described in the latest weekly list published by the Verderers.

A bay filly was injured on the B3055 at Sway at 8.50pm on November 2. On the same day, a grey mare was involved in an accident on the B3056 at Beaulieu Road Station at 5.45pm.

The number of animal accidents in the Forest usually increase after the clocks go back.