It has been a disheartening sight to witness wave after wave of pubs shutting down in Southampton and throughout Hampshire through the years.

The trend appears to have no end in sight, signifying the nation's shift in attitude towards alcohol as well as financial hardship.

As time passes, the "local" is quickly vanishing. This institution was once an important part of community life and an iconic representation of British culture, yet now it will be mostly forgotten by future generations.

In years gone by, the local pub was a popular gathering spot for those living nearby. It was here that hardworking individuals would take time out of their day to enjoy a cold beer and some friendly competition, whether it be through a game of cribbage, darts or other activities.

The corner pub provided an opportunity for residents to relax after long hours at work. Furthermore, landlords and ladies would often organise annual events for their loyal patrons to attend.

Daily Echo: Engineer Arms.

For a long time, Northam was home to many pubs that served as social hubs for the local community. There, the locals would gather to share news and stories, creating a lively atmosphere that could distract them from whatever trials they were facing. For just a few pennies, anyone could find respite from life's troubles within these establishments.

On days when the Itchen's waters rose and flooded the streets of Northam, locals found shelter in the area's pubs. Those establishments opened their doors to provide a haven from the rising tide until it subsided to a safe level.

Southampton has seen a dramatic transformation of some of its pubs, with many having been converted into convenience stores and even medical centres. Unfortunately, other pubs have experienced less fortunate fates, either being boarded up or demolished to make way for new homes.

Daily Echo: The Wonder.

The financial pressures of the modern age have taken their toll on the city's traditional pubs - fondly referred to as 'boozers'. Increased running costs, business rates and prices, not to mention recessions, a pandemic, changing habits and competition from big chains all contributed to the decline of many of these beloved establishments.

Serving as a major port, Southampton was once known for its numerous pubs located in and around the area of dockland. This was particularly true when seafarers would come ashore after a long voyage and take pleasure in grabbing a quick drink.

These establishments were often where clashes between crews of rival ships broke out, and where patrons were titillated by risqué drag performances and seafarers found companionship with ladies of the night.

Daily Echo: Yacht Tavern.

At one stage Southampton had a notoriety for heavy drinking, which shocked a group of devoted teetotallers. As a result of this, they created a map which detailed all the pubs and beer houses to be avoided due to their association with excessive alcohol consumption and general thuggery.

It was hoped that this map would work as a list of shame, but the plan quickly backfired. It didn't take long before sailors found another use for the map - locating said pubs.

Sailors, traders, and commercial salesmen who were unfamiliar with the town could instead use the map as a guide to seek out the disreputable watering holes.

Daily Echo: Whiite's Home.

And it was Northam that was one of the most densely populated areas for pubs. In fact, one official record from the mid-1800s shows there were 11 publicans and 14 beer sellers for a district of approximately 240 houses.

This area was home to a multitude of pubs with names that truly captured the spirit of the area. These included The Welcome Home, The Blue Anchor, The Maniner’s Arms, The Yacht Tavern, The White Swan, The Ship and Anchor, Engineers Arms and Railway, The Compass, The Yacht Star, Boilermakers Arms, Victory, Britannic.

Others included White's Home, Standard of Freedom, The Prince of Wales, The Jubilee Inn, The Northam Tavern, The Coopers Arms and Uncle Tom's Cabin. There were many more, such as Chichester Arms, Rose Bud, Hit or Miss, Belvidere Inn, The Magdala, The Glebe and The Wonder.