A flat closed down by police after a woman was found foaming at the mouth in the hallway will remain shut for longer.

The council flat described as a “hotbed of nuisance and criminal activity” in Burney House, South Street, in Gosport, was made subject of a closure notice after class A drugs, drug paraphernalia, knives, an axe and other weapons were found at the property.

Police and council officials also found uncapped needles and blood spatters in the communal hallways.

Residents had also reported that a child coming home from school had found a woman collapsed in the hallway by the flat foaming at the mouth and incoherent.

Residents at the block, where eight families as well as vulnerable and elderly people live, had complained about constant visitors, noise, door buzzers being pressed day and night, drug-related activity, thefts, fires, and verbal and physical assaults.

It was even told that on one occasion visitors to the property even threatened a child.

Despite warnings, the anti-social behaviour continued.

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In August, Gosport Borough Council, supported by police obtained a court order to close the flat.

This meant that anyone who entered the property would be liable to a fine, a prison sentence or both.

Now this order has been extended by the magistrates for a further three months.

PC Vicki Wallace said: “This address had been a hotbed of nuisance and criminal activity which was blighting the community.

“Police and council officials located uncapped needles, drugs paraphernalia and blood spatters in communal hallways, and residents were subjected to constant issues with noise, thefts, verbal abuse, assaults and drug-related activity.

“Bypassed electrics at the flat also increased the fire risk to the whole building, and fires had already been set deliberately by individuals at the address.

“Since the Closure Order was granted in August there have been no reports made to police around issues at this flat, and I am so pleased that as a partnership we have been able to achieve our objective of making life better for the people living here.

“Residents have expressed their delight at seeing these issues disappear, and Magistrates have therefore agreed to keep the flat boarded up for a further three months.

"I am grateful to the local community for their help and patience, and those who were brave enough to assist police and Gosport Borough Council.

“I encourage anyone affected by drug use and anti-social behaviour to continue to report this to the police, the local council or their housing provider so it can be dealt with.”