An NHS worker has hit out at her son's nursery over its “ridiculous” decision to scrap its half day policy. 

Part-time care assistant Rachel Kennard, 27, says the change means she won't be able to work extra shifts.

The single mum relies on Bright Horizons Nurseries in Roberts Road to look after her two-year-old son Kasper one day a week.

But the nursery's new policy now requires children to attend two full days a week as a minimum, which Rachel says she cannot afford.

She said: "I rely on the nursery to be able to go to work three days a week and provide for my boy – the nursery company have not thought about the impact on parents or about the fact many of us are already struggling to deal with the cost of living.

"I can only afford to send my boy in for one day - I don't have the money to send him in for another day.

"That one day gave me the opportunity to take on extra shifts and financially support my two-year-old son."

Daily Echo: Bright Horizons Nurseries in Roberts RoadBright Horizons Nurseries in Roberts Road (Image: Google Maps)

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Rachel, from Regents Park, works weekends and one week-day.

She relies on one day's worth of government funding to send her son to nursery, while at the weekend, Kasper stays with family.

She added: "It feels like single parents have been targeted in Bright Horizons’ decision. It can be really demoralising to feel targeted and does come across like some sort of discrimination against single parents.

"I love my job in the NHS, and I want to be able to work and support my family.

"I also want my son to develop social skills with his peers – he has just begun to settle in and make some new friends, and now I’m considering taking him elsewhere as I can’t afford the cost.

"It’s ridiculous – I know the nursery have a business to run but they need to consider the impact that decisions like these will have on parents – parents that rely on the service of the nursery."

A Bright Horizons nursery spokesperson said: "We have made every effort to mitigate increasing costs to families. Like many organisations we're trying to balance the needs of our customers with those of our staff and the current economic climate.

“We would encourage the parent to discuss their individual situation with their nursery manager and hopefully the situation can be resolved."