Thunderstorms are set to hit Southampton, the Met Office has warned.

A yellow weather warning is in place for the city, along with other areas of Hampshire.

It comes into force from 5am on Tuesday and will remain until midday.

A spokesperson from the Met Office also warned of strong gusts of wind.

They said: “Sudden, torrential downpours will bring 15-20 mm of rain in a short period of time.

"Showers will likely be accompanied by thunder and lightning. Gusts of winds to 40-50 mph are also likely, as is hail.

"The last of the showers should clear into the North Sea late Tuesday morning.”

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There could be damage to a few buildings and structures due to lightning strikes or gusty winds.

Driving conditions could also be made difficult due to spray, standing water, and/or hail.

This could result in longer journey times.

Delays to train services and plane journeys are also possible, while power cuts could also occur.

Hail is forecast to batter Southampton at 8am tomorrow before the rain swoops in at 9am, expected to last until midday.

Sunny spells are forecast for the afternoon.