Parents have launched a campaign to try to save the job of an 'incredible' Hampshire headteacher who has 'opened the world up' for her pupils. 

It comes as the trust which runs Fawley Infant School has confirmed it is to restructure to protect the school from closure as pupil numbers have fallen to just 41.

Zoe Doyle, praised by Ofsted inspectors in March, will take voluntary redundancy at the end of the year and an executive principal to lead Blackfield Primary and Fawley Infant Schools will be appointed. 

Several parents have contacted the Daily Echo since receiving a letter from Inspire Learning Partnership. A petition has been launched to try to save the popular headteacher of over two years.

Zoe Talbot, mum to six-year-old Roman, who has autism and global developmental delay, said: "Mrs Doyle is incredible. My son wouldn't have gone to school without her.

"Zoe opened his world up and has allowed him to live a life that he deserves. He has been to school every day, and gone from non-verbal to saying words and communicating needs. He is able to do small maths sums, can independently dress and is happy.

"The nurturing environment has made his experience something we could only dream of.

"Mrs Doyle goes out of her way for people. I don't know how anyone will be able to lead a school like she does while sat in another school. We're all devastated."

Daily Echo:

In a press statement, Inspire Learning Partnership chief executive Claire Lowe said: "We want to reassure everyone that the school is not being closed and it is our ambition to maintain a school for the local community.

"Our means to manage this is through a restructuring of school leadership. Although the loss of a single Principal may be disappointing, we are taking this action to protect the school.

"The school is funded based upon the number of pupils who are on roll and, to ensure that pupils continue to receive high quality education and support, we have prioritised keeping the resources available to us, at the frontline, within the classroom.

"We would like to assure every one of our best interests for the pupils, parents and staff at Fawley always."