A musical experience celebrating the inclusivity and diversity of Southampton will be performed to a packed out crowd.

Om Shanti Om – Diversity Through Music will arrive at MAST Mayflower Studios on Saturday.

Ten months in the making, the performance will showcase 20 singers and 12 dancers from diverse backgrounds, with songs being sung in English, Hindi, Polish, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

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Ram Kalyan Kelly, producer of the show and station manager of Unity 101 radio, said: “It's a Unity 101 production.

"It is wonderful to have people triumph with their passion and to realise their talent and to bring people together.

"The core values that we hold, which are closest to my heart, revolve around recognizing talent, nurturing its growth, and providing a platform for individuals to showcase their abilities to the wider public.”

Describing it as ‘a beacon of diversity’, the audience can expect a myriad of performances.

This includes Bollywood's ‘enchanting melodies’ to the ‘soulful beats’ of R&B and the ‘timeless elegance’ of jazz.

With an ensemble of 60 talented singers, dancers, and crew members, organisers say the event is a ‘testament showcase of the unifying power of music, dance, and artistry.’

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The performers are ready to take the stage by storm after honing their skills under the guidance of professional singers and performers.

Speaking on the selection process, Kelly said: "We put a call out for singers from all walks of life, and they turned out in their droves.

"It's a real mixture of performances.

"I love encouraging people to shine on a big stage - there will be 75 people on stage for the finale."

The evening is expected to be full of energy, emotion, and ‘pure entertainment’.

Kelly said: "It's important that people are willing to support by attending.

"The event is sold out, it's a full house. 

"It's a big production at no cost as everyone is volunteering. Everybody has given up their time. 

"This production can be a template for other people from diverse communities."

The MAST Studio preview reads: “Don't miss the opportunity to support these fantastic artists and celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

“Om Shanti Om - Diversity Through Music is a two-hour live show that will leave you speechless and wanting more. So why wait?

“We can't wait to see you there.”

Doors open at 6.30pm on November 18, with the show starting at 7pm.