An application for a new off-licence a few doors down from a mosque has received more than 30 objections – with some saying it will contribute towards drunken hate crime.

The planned Sam Store in Portswood Road is looking to be open between 7am and 11pm Monday to Saturday, and 11am to 11pm on Sunday.

Prior to Thursday’s (November 16) licensing meeting, the applicant, Beeriwin Hamad Amen, listed ways she would mitigate the risks of drunkenness.

Included are various means – one of which is limiting the sale of single cans at the premises on the ground floor of The Balbirs.

But several people remain concerned about the negative effects the store may have.

One of these residents is University of Southampton student Ashan Manhoob.

He said: “I object against this premises being used to sell alcohol.

“This convenience store is close to the Bashir Ahmed Masjid (mosque) where Muslim children, adults, both male and female, perform five times daily prayer and it is a safety concern for Muslims to pray and protect our children from harm.

“The alcohol store close to the mosque will contribute towards drunken hate crime that has happened several times over the last few years.

“I personally, as a local University of Southampton student, potentially could be a part of a hate crime as many of my friends from university have faced in the past. Please consider this and (refuse) this licence.”

Another concerned resident is Barbara Clarridge from the Highfield Residents Association.

She said: “There are already many off-licence stores operating in the Portswood Road/ Portswood Broadway area.

“Street drinking, increased litter, discarded empty beer cans already create adverse effects on residents and deter those out of the area from visiting.

“The police and Council have been unable to tackle street drinking and general anti-social behaviour in Portswood to date, despite having the powers to do so.

“Granting a licence to another store with extended opening hours would feed the habits of street drinkers and extend their loitering range.”

The decision will be made on Thursday, November 16.