The actor who plays Prince Andrew in The Crown will be at a New Forest art gallery next week to talk painting, fundraising and maybe a little fly fishing.

Charity fundraiser, Jim Murray, who is also co-founder of The Murray Parish Trust, is currently exhibiting a series of works from his In Flow series at Palais des Vaches in Exbury. 

The free talk and Q and A will take place there on Saturday November 25 at 11.30am.

Jim said: “I picked up painting again about 20 years ago when I was looking for something to do between acting gigs and I just started painting profusely in my garden shed I had with never any intention to sell them - it was just a cathartic experience to pass the time."

After selling work to raise money for the charity he founded with his wife, the actor Sarah Parish in memory of their daughter Ella-Jayne, Jim was asked to create a response to John Constables painting Rain Storm over the sea, which became the focus of his current collection of work.