A spate of incidents in Portswood involving a man acting suspiciously has sparked rumours and speculation on social media.

Police received reports of eight different incidents alleged to have happened in the past week, including an aggravated burglary in which two young women were threatened with a pair of scissors.

A 31-year-old man was arrested this morning though residents in Portswood have been told to expect a high level of police presence as officers carry out their enquiries.

Below is what we know so far on what happened - or is believed to have happened - in the past week and what police confirmed did not happen.

Eight alleged incidents

Police received several reports of a man acting suspiciously in Portswood Road, Church Lane, and Bevois Valley Road on Monday night.

Two men were stopped and spoken to on two separate occasions but neither of them were arrested.

Since then, three more incidents relating to Monday were reported to police as well as another five alleged to have happened between Thursday last week (November 9) and Saturday.

What are these incidents?

Police have only revealed details of two.

One relates to a man attempting to enter a property on Earls Road in the early hours of Thursday. 

The second one - at around 8.40am on Friday - saw a man threaten two women in their 20s with a pair of scissors after trying to break into a house on Shakespeare Avenue.

The rest of the incidents relate to a man acting in a suspicious manner and being verbally abusive towards members of the public.

Was anyone injured?

Despite people on social media suggesting otherwise, police are keen to reiterate none of the incidents reported to them involved any injuries.

In other words, no-one was injured.

What other claims are not true?

People on social media also suggested armed police were deployed in Portswood and that University of Southampton buildings had gone into 'lockdown'.

Both these claims are wrong.

A police spokesperson said: "Firearms officers were not deployed to any of these reports.

"We remain, as always, in regular contact with the university and at no stage did they enact their lock down procedures."

Claims of incidents at Highfield Campus are also not true, the university said.

Has anyone been arrested?

This morning, police confirmed they arrested a 31-year-old man on suspicion of aggravated burglary.

The suspect is from West Berkshire and was arrested in London.

What else have police said?

Officers are asking members of the public to refrain from speculating on these incidents on social media and report any information or concerns to them instead.

In a statement, Southampton Chief Inspector Chris Douglas said: “We understand how concerned local residents are about these incidents and are aware of speculation circulating on social media. We want you to know that we are carrying out a thorough investigation and would like to reiterate that we have had no reports of anybody being injured as a result of these incidents.  

“You can expect to see a high level of police presence in Portswood as we continue our investigation and speak to local residents. I ask that you please try to refrain from speculation on social media and instead report any concerns or information to us. We need people to come forward if they have been the victim of, or witness to, any incidents of this nature.

“We will maintain high visibility patrols in the affected areas for reassurance and our officers will be more than happy to speak to anyone with concerns."

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting 44230459660/Op Swim.