A resident has spoken of his ‘frustration’ after spotting a council car parked on double yellow lines in Shirley.

Vinny Babbidge, 47, clocked the Mobile CCTV Enforcement Vehicle parked on double yellow lines in Emsworth Road while the driver of the car handed out tickets to other vehicles along the road.

Vinny told the Echo: “I think it’s naughty really, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“The driver parked on the double yellow lines before getting out of the car to place parking tickets on other people’s cars – you couldn’t make it up!

“It’s so frustrating when someone parks on double yellows, which is even worse when it’s a city council car as they’re the ones who are supposed to enforce the law.”

Vinny was quick to take a picture of the car – stating that most residents have a ‘love, hate’ relationship with traffic wardens.

Daily Echo:

He added: “To top it off, there were literally some empty parking bays next to the double yellow lines, why couldn’t they have parked there instead?

“I understand they have a job to do but it doesn’t help.”

“It just makes it seem as though there’s one rule for them and one rule for everyone else,” he added.

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In a statement, a spokesperson for Southampton City Council said: “Civil Enforcement Officers have a dispensation within the Traffic Regulation Orders to park on double yellow lines in order to carry out prompt enforcement action in the vicinity of that location.”

Vinny added: “I live in the Polygon area and have to drive into the city centre for work.

“I usually park in a car park, but it was closed for 24 hours as it was having some work done to it.

“Instead, I had to park outside my office building and when I came out later, there was a parking ticket on my windscreen!

“It seems as though it’s all too easy to get a parking ticket these days yet a council vehicle can do what they want.”