A fundraiser to help "the most caring nurse" who is fighting for her life in ICU has raised £15,000 in three days.

Filipino nurse Krizella Asuncion, known as Ella, was rushed to A&E during a trip to her home country.

The 33-year-old, who works at Southampton General Hospital, has been diagnosed with sepsis which happens when the body’s immune system overreacts to an infection and starts to damage the body's tissues and organs.

Her family are having to pay for her treatment which has so far racked up a bill of more than two million Filipino Peso, the equivalent of £28,806.

Her colleagues, Beatriz Gomes, 24, and Renalyn Bustamante, 34, set up a fundraiser to help her family which is halfway through its £31,000 target.

Daily Echo: Beatriz Gomes and Krizella AsuncionBeatriz Gomes and Krizella Asuncion (Image: Provided)

Talking to the Echo, Beatriz said: “This is to help the family cope with the costs of all the medical bills at this difficult time.”

Ella moved to the UK in 2021 and worked at Southampton General Hospital’s major trauma unit while financially supporting her parents back home.

Earlier this year she started to experience pain in her abdomen and episodes of fever.

Beatriz said as time went by Ella started to lose weight and feel nauseous.

Over the summer, she caught Covid, and in September she travelled to the Philippines to see her family for the first time in two years.

After her health deteriorated she was admitted to hospital.

She underwent three major surgeries and is now in intensive care.

Find the fundraiser here.

Daily Echo: Krizella Asuncion in ICUKrizella Asuncion in ICU (Image: Provided)

Beatriz said: “She is in a life-threatening condition. The body is getting exhausted from this reaction and she still struggles to breathe.

"They are giving her a lot of medicine. She is just fighting for her life at the moment.

“The doctors are not sure how this happened.

“Ella was always so happy and so full of energy. She is was of our most caring nurses at UHS and always supports students and other nurses.

"We just want to help her fight this situation and help the family pay for all the medical bills they are being given."