Rather than travelling outside of the UK, holidaying on home turf is becoming an increasingly attractive option. With this in mind, the Daily Echo look at old pictures of a local holiday park - Sandy Balls.

The somewhat amusingly named destination has been a popular attraction for more than 100 years, but there is significance to the name that many people may not be aware of.

The first time the name "Sandyballas" was recorded was in the reign of Henry VII, referring to a range of dome-shaped sand and gravel outcrops found near the centre's western boundaries.

Daily Echo:

This area has been present since prehistoric times, dating back to the Eocene era many thousands of years ago.

Good Friday Hill and Giant’s Grave were two prominent outcrops that have been preserved to this day. In honour of them, the Sandy Balls Holiday Centre in Fordingbridge was given its name.

These pictures were taken at the much-loved holiday camp through the years.