We asked members of We Grew Up In Southampton Facebook group which pub they wished was still around.

Dozens responded, eager to champion their lost gem.

And here are seven of the popular answers you - the reader - came up with:

Dog and Duck

Daily Echo:

The Dog and Duck sat in the shadow of Arundel Towers and was an iconic but ugly building on Portland Terrace.

It had its own charm, presumably made to look like a concrete version of a castle tower.

In reality, it looked almost as though an alien craft had landed. It was odd and a little sci-fi-looking.

Beforehand the pub was The Arundel Centre Inn, then Swifts.

Part of the complex included Barbarella's nightclub, which later became Thursdays.

Spa Tavern

Daily Echo:

What was once the popular pub known as Spa Tavern was demolished in the mid-1990s to make way for Westquay shopping centre.

Frequenters could get into the pub from an alleyway to the side of the old Echo building and was said to have had the atmosphere of a bus station.

Elephant and Castle

Daily Echo:

Located at 180 Bursledon Road, The Old Black House - as it was locally known - was a pub that stood on this site from as early as the 1860s.

Its corrugated walls and tarpaulin roof give rise to its nickname.

Redesigned twice - first in 1966 and then during the 1980s - it eventually got demolished during the early 1990s only to be replaced by many council-owned houses.

The Gate

Daily Echo:

After closing down, the University of Southampton purchased the Gate, along with the Crown and Sceptre, in 2009.

Uni bosses spent hundreds of thousands of pounds flattening the two Burgess Road waterholes to extend their car park.

The Bassett Hotel

Daily Echo:

The Bassett Hotel dated as far back as 1871 and was the original home of the Concorde Club.

The pub, which stood at 111 Burgess Road,  was known for its amusements, including boxing matches and a live bear.

The watering hole was demolished in the late 1990s and replaced with a care home


Daily Echo:

This large purpose-built chain pub was built opposite what is now Ikea.

Many people used it before a night out in the clubs at Leisure World or the Odeon Cinema - all of which are now closed.

The Quayside pub itself closed in 2011.

The Bush Inn

Daily Echo: GOING: The Bush Inn at Maybush

The Bush Inn pub was knocked down and replaced with houses almost ten years ago.

The Wimpson Lane pub, which had previously been a bustling hub of activity, shut its doors for the last time in 2010.