A stretch of motorway undergoing repairs is finally completed – one year later.

The M27 bridge over the River Hamble has been subject to works since November 17 last year after a car ploughed into a bridge barrier.

A 50mph speed limit was in force in the area but repairs seemingly stalled for several months.

The long-awaited works finally got underway in October with National Highways repairing the broken barrier and parapets.

Speaking on the completion, a spokesperson said: “We've finished bridge repair works on the M27 over River Hamble five days early.

“We'll close the M27 to remove narrow lanes and speed limits.”

The M27 will be closed at the following times:

  • November 18: 9pm to 5:30am, eastbound between junction seven and junction nine
  • November 19: 9pm to 5:30am, westbound between junction nine and junction eight

The ongoing works raised safety concerns with several commuters who witnessed many ‘near-misses’.

Speaking on the 50mph speed limit earlier this year, Nick Nicholson said: “So many people stamp on their brakes very suddenly as they are coming down at 70mph or 80mph.

“It seems to be causing more problems than there needs to be.”