Late night traffic ground to a halt on the M27 after police stopped traffic.

Drivers were travelling on the eastbound carriageway at around 11pm when traffic officer vehicles from National Highways pulled onto the motorway junction 8 for Hamble.

The cars were displaying 'do not pass' flashing signs and slowed traffic - which was already travelling at 50mph due to roadworks at the Hamble flyover - down to 40mph, and then 30mph.

A police car soon joined them, doing 'S shapes' in the road to clear a gap between motorists and the National Highways vehicles and displaying a similar flashing sign in the rear window.

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On two occasions, the traffic was halted - with one stint being for at least five minutes.

The traffic officer driving one of the National Highways vehicles then got out and told drivers at the front of the queue that 'issues with roadworks' on the motorway near junction 10 in Fareham were causing the delay.

Once this was cleared, drivers were freed up to carry on their way home.

National Highways has been approached for more information about the issues.